As she held the latest issue of Vogue in her hands, the glossy cover page caught her keen eye and her heart sank. A gorgeous model with the perfectly svelte and toned figure graced the cover page in an elegant bikini. The model’s body was impeccable and it looked almost as if she was born with the confidence to don the bikini with such panache. As the magazine slipped through her hands, she was jolted back to her senses and reality hit her. She looked at herself in the mirror and she felt guilty for all the times she had binged on junk food and hadn’t given thought to her health and fitness. As she gazed at the mirror, she resolved to make a change and improve her lifestyle for the better. As positivity surged through her, she decided to enroll on a weight-loss program. Not for the purpose of impressing the world, but for herself, her health and her deprecating self-confidence.kayla-itsines-review

Though Funny, this scenario is the reality for a majority of women in this world. Be it genetics or an unhealthy lifestyle or a variety of other factors, those pounds seem to keep getting added uncontrollably. Moreover, the dilemma of choosing the correct option to tackle this problem also hovers over our heads. Countless weight loss programs flash their advertisements, urging helpless women to try their solutions but how many of these actually work? And even if they do, do they come with a truckload of undesirable side-effects? Are you also among the group of women who struggle with such questions? Because I have good news for you! Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Weight-Loss Program is now here to change your dreams into reality and all one has to do is enroll and follow the Bikini Body Guide religiously. Of course, one needs to instill a lot of motivation in oneself before attempting this regime as nothing can be achieved without blood, sweat and tears. Still interested? Well, then let me give you a glimpse into this program and explain why it is different from all the other fitness regimes.

The website to this fitness program gives a comprehensive overview of why one should consider his approach. Taking as little as 12 weeks to show its full effect, this regime targets one’s metabolism and helps reinvent one’s lifestyle. No natural external factors like medicines are prescribed. Nutrition is given paramount importance and this is highlighted by the H.E.L.P nutrition guides which prescribe a perfectly balanced diet along with eating plans and the proportions to be taken at regular time intervals. This guide focuses on a ‘5 meals a day’ plan and it also offers many recipes for nutritious but scrumptious meals. These recipes make use of healthy ingredients and cooking techniques that assist in weight-loss and fitness. Eating healthy and clean is given primary focus and a separate regime for vegetarians is also available for the same fee.

Apart from nutrition, working out plays a critical role in facilitating fitness. These 12-week guides give step-by-step details about the most effective ways of working out, along with associated time-slots. 30 minute long workouts are encouraged and all the workouts are aimed at obtaining a svelte bikini body and not a bulky muscled up figure. Muscles and abs are usually assumed to be an automatic effect of working out but this myth has been crushed to splinters by this bikini body regime. A slender toned bikini body is what is promised and that is exactly what is achieved by adhering to these workouts.

There are 3 guides offered in the E-books section of the website. The Bikini Body Bundle, which is the most popular, offers a discount of $19 and it encompasses all the required details within the confines of its 279 pages. The H.E.L.P nutrition guide gives a 14-day eating plan which includes recipes that aid metabolism along with no compromise in taste. Over 10 million women have subscribed to this program and their testimonials only sing praises for this initiative. Membership can be taken on a weekly basis for $4.61 or for 3 months at $54.99. In fact, the speciality of this program is that it caters wonderfully to those who have no experience in working out.kayla-itsines-bbg-review-2

Every single Kayla Itsines review only speaks volumes about the wondrous effects it has had on the person’s confidence and the pictures which accompany these serve as concrete proof. The official website is replete with testimonials from satisfied customers and while reading about their experience, one realizes that these women have truly gained unbelievable confidence after shedding their former image and stepping into the shoes of a leaner, fitter version of themselves. And the best part is that they aren’t models or actresses who somehow obtained a magical physique out of nowhere. They are common women who started out just like you and are now flaunting bikini ready bodies.

There also exists a blog and a closely knit community where people share their stories and help one another with tips and guidance. After all, working out and subjecting oneself to a restrictive diet can never be a cakewalk and one often falters when it comes to finding motivation to exercise religiously. Giving that lip-smacking dessert a miss can be extremely difficult, especially for people who are connoisseurs. Thus, this online forum in the form of blogs helps a person connect with several others who are also undergoing this regime. And for those who are still skeptical about the effectiveness of this weight-loss program, there is a 7 day free trial offered. Apart from this, gift-cards can also be availed and questions are always answered promptly if one has any, regarding the program. Additional features include exclusive fitness equipment that can be purchased at nominal prices from the website. Equipment such as ankle weights, skipping ropes, foam rollers, etc. often add a tinge of excitement in the process of working out and all of these are available for purchase. So, are you bikini ready yet?

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