Happy Wheels Game – Things To Be Considered For The Safe Playing Of The Game

While playing the happy wheels game you must play it in slow manner in initial level because if you are a beginner to the game. In the obstacles you have to carefully handle it or else you might die and you can’t able to play further level. Players can play any level of game at initial stage but it is advisable to start the happy wheels game from the easier levels. You can also check editor mode level which is helpful to create your desired level for other player to play. Unfortunately happy wheels game is not having central area for sharing the level which you had made but central area updating process is going on.


Players can also send sharing levels to the other player with the help of game centre as a racer in this game and you have to competent to make enough that you should avoid variety of deadly obstacles including spikes mines wrecking balls harpoons and many more. In Happy wheels game there are 15 levels available not including the one you can create in the editor and the game does boost the some special features and as you play the happy wheels game with these things you can collect the tokens by which you can unlock all the characters available in the game. You can also use the new characters with different features and play the game to get the high score in which the each character have different features and speed levels which can be used to earn and collect the tokens.

How to get all the characters in the game


The following are the things in which we can use to get all the characters to be present in the happy wheels game which uses the level editor that allows you to play as all of the available characters by which you can create your own level using the editor or play the example levels by tapping on the pause and then load stage. The next thing is that having your friend sending you a custom level in which if you are not a single person in your circle then you can always ask the others to send you one of their own created levels.


The happy wheels game is updated and allowed you to post the levels in public and you can load the levels of your choice and also you can choose the characters among the different characters such as wheel chair guy and effective shopper.  The most famous character in the happy wheels game is that the wheel chair guy which is first playable character included in happy wheels game the eldest character and is the one of the two mascots the other being effective shopper and he wears a torn green shirt with patches and purple pant that extend slightly below his knees. The jet on the wheel chair is also now an object in the level editor in the movement and the default controls before and after the ejection are also provided in this game and it is liked by the most of the people who are playing this happy wheels game.

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