The Heaven Beneath: Phi Phi Islands

Most of us have heard of holidaying in Phuket and of course pay a mandatory visit to the Phi Phi islands. Have not we? Well many of us might have been there and dream of being there once in our life. What is about the Phi Phi islands in Phuket about anyway? For the ones who don’t have the minimal knowledge of the place, do not lose heart we have this article for you to buckle up. With the phi phi island tours and prices and the needful information, this article is a must read for the ones thinking of making a plan to get there.


Insights into the place

The Phi Phi islands are located in Thailand in mid of the Strait of Malacca and the ecstatic island of Phuket . Phi Phi is the most tourist-attracting island of all islands with the reasons being galore and obvious. There is no straight road to reach Phi Phi islands from Puce but is only reached with the help of speedboats and long native traditional boats. Digging into the history of the place, Phi Phi islands was primarily a fishermen place during the end of 1940s which later on got shifted to coconut plantation areas. The population then consisted of people from 2000 to 3000.


The Phi Phi islands came into the global limelight when a movie named The Beach was used this place as a site for its few shots which increased tourism industry in Phi Phi islands to bloom tremendously and since then there is no turning back. Many years down the line, still Phi Phi is a must-go- destination for all the people worldwide.

We hope you found the above article was helpful enough. We wish you all the best wishes on your journey to venture more Phi Phi islands! For more, keep reading!

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