Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Thyroid Gland Inflammation

Thyroiditis is the general term used for the thyroid gland inflammation. It includes a cluster of individual disorders that cause thyroidal inflammation in different ways. For example, subacute thyroiditis causes major pain in the thyroid. In USA, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is among the common causes of hypothyroidism. Thyroiditis is also seen in people taking drugs amiodarone and interferon.

Symptoms of Thyroiditis

Thyroiditis doesn’t have any unique symptoms. If the thyroid levels fall due to slow and chronic destruction and damage of thyroid cells, hypothyroidism may be experienced by the patients. If the thyroid hormone stored in the gland starts leaking, the thyroid hormone level in blood will increase. This may cause thyrotoxicosis.

  • Hypothyroidism- constipation, fatigue, poor exercise tolerance, dry skin, constipation, depression, weight gain.
  • Thyrotoxicosis- palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, weight loss, fatigue.

Prevention from Thyroiditis

Although there are no particular steps that can be taken for preventing thyroid disorders, you can lower the risk by making certain lifestyle choices. If you are diagnosed with thyroiditis, you can even take measures for slowing down the progression.

  • Quit smoking. The innumerous toxins in a cigarette can adversely affect your thyroid. Thiocyanate disrupts one’s iodine intake that, in turn, blocks thyroid hormone production.
  • Go for Thyroid Neck Check periodically. It can easily detect swelling, lumps, and bumps on the thyroid if they are closer to the surface.
  • Add selenium supplementation in your diet. Selenium, a nutrient, is found in particular proteins. An adult’s thyroid has the highest selenium concentration, and maintaining a balanced diet rich in selenium prevent thyroid inflammation. You can talk to your doctor and go for selenium supplementation to boost your immunity.
  • If you have an underactive thyroid, consult you doctor and buy natural desiccated thyroid for decreasing the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

It is good to keep your throat health in check and take preventive measure for lowering the risks of inflammatory disorders of the thyroid gland.