The History Of Soccer (Football)

The sport that probably has the most fanatics in the world is Soccer, or Football as it is known everywhere but the States. It is a sport that people not only love, but worship, when a favorite team wins in the World Cup there is even more celebration than there is for Christmas. Flags will flurry and the roar will sound throughout all the Earth as single group of players runs around the field, most likely ripping their shirts off and celebrating with their fans; they also should be jumping on top of each other too, that usually happens as well. 

Soccer has been around for a very long time, the earliest known forms go all the way back to the 2nd century B.C. with the Chinese. However although there was a form of soccer around at the time, there were no standardized rules. As a matter of fact even though this one sport was played by many people in many different places, one group playing could have very well been using an entirely different set of rules. So even though soccer existed, it was more like several different variations of the sport rather than what we know and love today. 


It wasn’t until 1848 that soccer was actually given some real structure. The Cambridge Rules were written that year in Cambridge university in an attempt to form one single sport with it’s own rules. However even though these rules were written, there were many teams who did not like the rules and contested them. After many discussions and long meetings, the divide between the two caused those who disagreed to leave and form what we now know as the Rugby league. Those who still believed in the rules that had been drawn up originally stayed and formed The Football Association in 1863. Finally after many years and arguments Soccer became an established sport with established rules. They have changed little since that time and now the sport it followed by millions around the world. 

The United States is pretty much the only country in the world that is not completely obsessed with soccer. In the States we choose rather to obsess over American Football, which is kind of tragic on one hand because Soccer is something that the world shares together and because of our stubborn determination for Independence in every way possible we sometimes miss out on participating in something with the millions of other people who love the sport. Soccer is something that brings people together, although there are some people who are far too into the sport. They threaten to kill referees for making calls that they disagree with, or players that might defeat their favorite team, those people have gone far beyond obsession and actually need help. However other than those few crazed fans Soccer is a good sport to follow that teaches teamwork and sportsmanship, perhaps one day we in the States will finally decide to participate in something with the rest of the world, and more fans will be added to the ranks of the massive army that cheers in the stadiums today. 


Nevertheless, there is still some hope left that Americans will eventually warm up to soccer one day and give it the same level of respect and admiration as they do to other sports (not that American opinion matters) and realize what they have been missing as, with due respects to American football, soccer is a lot more fun and entertaining and there was an article published in the mirror where David Beckham hoped to compete with American talent one day, which can be found on