How to Use Facebook as a Dating Tool

Facebook is a huge online community with more than 200 million active users out of whom 100 million logs on at least once each day. No surprise then, why Facebook can be a great meeting point for potential dating.

The truth of the matter is that Facebook is phenomenal in bringing people closer. When it was first launched, maybe it wasn’t meant to incorporate so many dating applications, but in the process, there hasn’t been so much difference between browsing for finding new friends and meeting new people. Facebook, maybe more than other social networking websites, has introduced new ways of chatting with people online, joining groups of singles, and meeting hot, sexy individuals, ready to devote some of their valuable time to online dating or even to real dating. There are cases that people who meet online take their chances and meet in real as well. Some even engage in long-distance relationships making the power of online communication and its impact on modern society really unimaginable. Similarly, is there to help you with Instagram. 

What puts Facebook ahead of the game is that, unlike any typical online dating website, it allows you to maintain your anonymity. When you join any of the groups or built-in applications for dating, you don’t have to disclose your personal information, upload your picture, or share your email. This allows you to keep your privacy settings really private from your contacts and date without the fear of being recognized by your friends. Besides, you have the option to check your compatibility with another user by looking at your mutual interests, while you don’t have to add this person as a friend. Also, you can instantly see if a person you are interested in is in a relationship, single, straight or bisexual, gay or lesbian, married, and so on so that you decide on your chances.

Joining a Facebook network is a good way to meet new people. Whether it is based on location, school attended, employment, or social group, if you join a network you get full access to any user’s profile that is on the same network. This allows you to search on the personal bio, see the photos uploaded, read the comments of friends, see the apps installed, and get the full feel of what type of person is the Facebook user you are interested in.

Zoosk is probably the most commonly used online dating application on Facebook with more than 20 million members using it. The Zoosk can meet new people from their area, but also from other social networks including MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, and others.

Other popular Facebook apps for dating are Are YOU Interested?, Most Eligible Single, Meet New People and VerbDate. Especially VerbDate is integrated with Skype, Flickr, and Google Maps, which gives you greater exposure, and probably greater chances to find your significant other.

The bottom line is if you are using Facebook for quite some time and still, you haven’t had a date, even a virtual one, you probably haven’t discovered the viral power of Facebook as a dating tool. Facebook can bring sexy back and can offer you anything from normal to extravagant provided you do your search and you define your criteria. Anything else is a matter of time and of a profile picture, so make sure you choose a really attractive one. Who can resist to an intriguing and promising profile picture?