Hydroderm Versus Olay Definite

I tried the Hydroderm Wrinkle reducer some time ago. Intrigued by the question “Better Than Botox’? and not being one with enough courage to let someone inject anything into the lines and wrinkles I am beginning to notice, I responded to the ‘Free Trial Offer’ paying shipping and handling an obtained a small vial of Hydroderm Wrinkle reducer.

I followed the instructions to use it on the problem lines and wrinkles twice a day. Morning and night I faithfully applied the Hydroderm Wrinkle Reducer on those irritating map-like creases waiting. With baited breath I eagerly waited for them to plump up and disappear or at least ‘reduce’ a wee bit!

After a couple days, I did notice a difference in the fine lines around my eyes, but no noticeable difference in the larger lines around my mouth or across my forehead. Reading the information that I was ‘automatically enrolled in an auto-ship plan to be billed each month for a new supply, I made sure to call and cancel any further shipments before payments were billed to my credit card each month. I just was not that impressed.

Hydroderm representatives in their customer service program assured me if I added their anti-aging moisturizer to my routine I would see better results. They also stated that full results may take 14-21 days of continuous use, so it is important to consistently use Hydroderm each day and night. The longer you use Hydroderm, the better the results. That of course required separate purchase and additional expense.

Enter the new Olay Definity highly defined anti-aging, intense hydrating cream.

Now that is a mouthful of advertising mumbo-jumbo that just draws all kinds of ideas as to its unique formula and effectiveness, but would it deliver? After all something earlier defined as ‘Better Than Botox’ didn’t live up to its reputation against my stubborn lines and wrinkles. Are there really any ‘anti-aging products’ out there that work or is it all hype? Looking for Melatonin MZS Sleep disorder & reversal is much easier compared to looking for the best anti-aging products.

I didn’t have to wait as long to try the new Olay Definity as it is available in most retail store where cosmetics and lotions are sold. A trip to the local Walmart and I had my newly purchased Olay Definity in hand. After carefully washing any trace of make-up, earlier moisturizer and dust off my wrinkled face, I opened the container of smooth cream. Patting on a few spots over the worrisome areas across my forehead, around my nose and mouth I immediately noticed a tingling coolness. Could this be working already? The light clean scent is refreshing as well.

I then went about my business for the rest of the afternoon and thought I would re-apply the Olay Definity prior to going to bed and give it the night to work before examining my wrinkles with the magnifying mirror to look for any difference. Imagine my surprise when with a simple glance in the mirror I could already tell a difference since the very first application I put on that afternoon! Not only were the fine lines around the eyes greatly improved already but the discoloration I had across my cheeks and chin were slightly lighter as well!!

This early success encouraged me to keep using the product ( of course) and each day I notice better improvement! At last, a combination Wrinkle Reducer, Anti-aging Moisturizer product that gave me the kind of results I have been looking for. Best of all, when I need a new supply it is as easy as a trip to the local Walmart .

Hydroderm Wrinkle Reducer may bring similar results in the long run ‘with continued use’ and I’m sure their moisturizer would enhance the effectiveness, but Olay Definity appears in my case to have both these issues covered in one produced with results appearing almost immediately. Hydroderm versus Olay Definity…Olay Definity has my vote!