Information You Should Never Put on Your Social Networking Site

There are many people of all ages that have one or more social networking pages. More and more employers use these pages to see what type of person is applying for a position with their company or already works there. As much as you think your page won’t be found, it very well might be. With all of the information and pictures that can be included in your page, there are certain things best left off of it.

Nude pictures of yourself should never be on your page. The only exception is if it is a tasteful shot where you are nude but you still cannot see any part of your body that should not be exposed to the public. These pictures are sometimes done as part of a modeling portfolio.

Pictures where you are doing anything illegal should definitely never be on your page. This includes pictures of you smoking or drinking when you are underage. People have been fired before because their bosses saw them doing things in pictures that compromised the integrity of their jobs.

Most adults will have alcoholic drinks, however there is a difference between leaving comments on someone’s page about getting a couple of drinks and leaving comments about how you got so drunk you passed out on the sidewalk and had to be carried in the house. If you wouldn’t want an employer to imagine you being in a compromising position, talking about it for the world to see probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

If you’re going to do something illegal that’s your problem and something you’re going to have to deal with, but if you’re going to post pictures or talk about it via your profile or through comments on a friends page you have more to worry about than an employer finding out. Police are using social networking sites as a crime fighting tool. They will have no problem coming to find you and having you tell them in person about the illegal things that you’ve done. While selecting the site, the person should ensure that there is availability of Real Instagram Likes. With the fake like and comment, the position of the business in internet marketing will remain stagnant. Proper emphasis should be provided through the person on the concept. 

Having sexual relations is normal, however, employers don’t want to read all about it on a public page, nor do they want to see pictures of it. Its one thing to talk about your sex life in private, but discussing your newest conquest for everyone to read won’t get you brownie points with your employer.

Graphics, pictures or phrases that are degrading to a race, gender or any other type of person isn’t something that an employer wants to see. They want their employees to be team players and be tolerant of other people. If you have phrases about hating a certain race or graphics referring women to something degrading, chances are you just lost your chances at getting the job you wanted if your page was spotted by a potential employer.

Surprisingly enough, cursing is also something potential employers look at. They don’t want to hire someone who they are going to have to worry about cursing all over the place at work. They want someone who will be able to speak in an eloquent manner both in and out of the office and represent their employer in a positive way.

If the information isn’t something that you would discuss in an interview or isn’t something you could imagine discussing with your boss, then it is best to not take the chance of losing your job or not getting it in the first place by putting up certain information where it can be viewed publicly. You never know who will be looking.