Know More About Dentist Pains

I went to the dentist. It was also my mother’s birthday. I had to get a tooth filled in and my wisdom tooth pulled. I was so nervous. I think everyone hates the dentist who has ever had a tooth pulled. This was no average tooth though. They had to surgically remove it. I was so scared that it would hurt. Especially after the pain, I felt when they were drilling at my tooth. The dentist numbed me but it still hurt something awful. It was like my gums were used to the Novocain. It didn’t matter how much they poked me the drilling still hurt. Mind you that they drilled my fill in before they took out my wisdom tooth so now I was really scared.

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My face was completely numb and I was shaking like a leaf. That’s when my boyfriend decided they better put me on laughing gas, so they did. A few minutes later the dentist came back in to cut me open. The funny part about it was that I was not laughing. I was loopy, numb and scared, what most people would call fun. I felt like the YouTube video “David goes to the dentist” but it wasn’t over yet it had only begun.

The assistant stuck the suction tube in my mouth and I started to feel pressure as the taste of blood started to feel like it filled my mouth. It was disgusting and it made me feel even more scared. Next, the dentist put this long object in my mouth. It gives me the chills just thinking about it. It looked like a mini shoehorn. I felt lots of pressure like he was pulling my gums apart. After that, he stuck this weird looking thing in my mouth, that resembled wire cutters. It felt like he was ripping my jaw off. Then it felt like it was being twisted and turned. Thank God for numbing agents. He took a break, and about 15 minutes later, came back in and numbed me some more. Then he continued to rip out my tooth.

One week today my jaw still hurts. I went to see him this morning to find out what was wrong. He said that while he was taking out my tooth that some of my jaws came out with it. That is the reason why I had been in so much pain. He told me to continue taking pain medications. Luckily for my dad reading up on wisdom teeth, he saved me a lot of pain. My dad recommended using clove oil on a cotton ball. Though it does work the taste is horrific and most memorable. The smell is not so bad, it almost has a minty smell to in and it numbs almost everything it touches. The trip I took to the dentist I will never forget. It will always be something I laugh about when I get older. I will always remember how scared I was to have my wisdom tooth pulled.