Knowing Well About The Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Cards

The Sainsbury’s Bank is a renowned banking institution in the United Kingdom that offers a number of financial related services to the entire country. One thing that made this banking institution reputable is their credit card offering. Sainsbury’s Bank credit cards are opted by many people because of the amazing things associated into them. Good example is the Nectar points that you can get from using the bank’s credit cards.

What are Nectar Points?


The Nectar points offering can only be taken advantaged by the new customers of the bank. This is a kind of transaction reward that new credit card holders of the bank can enjoy. These points can be redeemed later on for items or some other stuff offered by the bank. If you want to enjoy the amazing benefits from Sainsbury’s Bank, then you should hurry and submit your credit card application by September 27, 2016 so that you can be rewarded with 5,000 Nectar points. Even so, you must know that the Nectar points will be credited to your Nectar account within 60 days from acquiring your credit card. When you go shopping or fueling your car using the credit cards of Sainsbury’s Bank, you can earn some Nectar points.

Credit Card Classifications


There are actually two classifications of credit cards that customers can avail from the bank. These are the Balance Transfer Credit Cards and the Purchase Credit Cards. The Balance Transfer Credit Cards have four different kinds. These are the Long Balance Transfer Credit Card, Low Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card, No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card, and the Dual Offer Credit Card. One common thing about these credit cards is that you can enjoy 0 percent interest rate when transferring balances.

On the other hand, the Purchase Credit Cards classification are made up of two types and these are the Purchase Credit Card and the Dual Offer Credit Card. These will also offer you 0 percent interest, and you can use them for balance transfer and purchase purposes.

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