Let’s Go With Pokemon Go !!

These days the game which has been taken all over the internet by storm Pokémon Go, it’s a free to play, location based virtual-augmented reality based game made by Niantic for platforms like iOS and Android. It was released in some selected countries at first in July 2k16. In Pokémon GO, players use the GPS capability of the mobile device’s to locate, capture and battle the virtual creatures, popularly known as Pokémon, visible on screen like they were in that very same real world area as the gamer. Go supports in app purchases for some additional in game items.

It became a global passion and was soon one of the much used android/ios app, reportedly having 100 million+ download number worldwide. It’s credited with sensationalizing location based and augmented-reality games, also for encouraging physical activity. However, it also attracted controversies for causing accidents & creating a nuisance in public at few locations. Multiple organizations expressed their concerns with the security of game!

After making one game account, gamer chooses an avatar with selecting his/her hair, skin & eye color, outfit and style. Once made, the avatar will be displayed on a map having the gamer’s current  location. Also features of the map consists of Poké-Stops and Pokémon-gyms. Poké-Stops provide gamers with the items, like eggs, Poké-Balls, and different potions etc. Gyms are the battle locations for some team based battles. Poké-Stops and gyms are generally at places of gathering/interest. For more details on free pokemon go coins read on….!


When gamers move in the real world, their avatar also moves on the game’s location map. Various Pokémons live in various places in the world like, water type generally live near water. And if a gamer encounters one of the Pokémons, they can see them in either augmented-reality i.e AR mode or in  live rendered background. The AR mode requires the camera & gyroscope of device to present an image of the very Pokémon as if it were in the live world.

Unlike the other versions in the Pokémon game series, gamers here in Pokémon-Go don’t battle the wild Pokémons for capturing them. In an encounter with some wild Pokémon, the gamer might try throwing one or more Poké-Balls at it just by flicking them towards the Pokémon from the bottom of their screen. If Pokemon is successfully captured, it’ll be under ownership of that gamer. After capturing the wild Pokémon, the player is rewarded with two things, candies & star-dust. The candies are awarded with the successful catch attempt. A gamer may use star-dust & candies for raising the Pokemon’s “combat power” or CP. Though, candies are required to evolve any Pokémon. Every Pokémon evolution form has its own candy requirements. The gamer can transfer  Pokémons back to professor Willow also to earn one extra candy & create room for other Pokémons.

All Pokémons have a combat power. The Pokémon’s combat-power (CP) is a raw measure of power of that Pokémon in battle. Also not all Pokémons of same species have same CP.

Although the game is totally free for playing, it has in app purchases like Poké-Balls & other items.  Poke-balls, lucky eggs, incense, incubators and lures modules, need to be bought with Poke-Coins, though. It’s optional if you wanna spend real money for buying Poke-Coins, though if you are out of cash you may earn Poke-Coins by just playing the game.


Assigning a Pokemon in a gym

For getting paid, you should head over to the local gym in your area that’s run by your own team. You can easily tell that is it run by your’s or other team, by just having a look at your very own avatar at lower-left side of your screen. If the color of circle around your avatar matches the color at the gym’s circle, you are a go.

Once you are there, click the gym to enter inside. Then, click the icon on the lower left hand side of your screen. The game will ask you to select one of your Pokemons for guarding the gym. Choose one of the high level Pokémons and it will get assigned to gym for its protection. No need to worry, you would not lose your Pokemon, you only won’t be using it for battles anymore or until the gym’s defeated.

Now, this’ll work only if the gym requires another protector. If it does not, you’ll have to train in the gym & raise it’s prestige. Once gym’s prestige get to a higher level, a new Pokemon can be assigned.

Only a maximum of 10 Pokémons may be assigned to a particular gym, as per Niantic, so you might not be able to give your Pokemon to a gym, doesn’t matter how many times you battled. Then other option is to head over for some rival gym & fight and take it over. Once that gym is beaten, you need to assign some Pokemon for guarding it.

Be quick in this, though. As once any gym becomes neutral, others will try & assign their Pokemon for guarding the gym. And if they are from any opposing team then you’ll need to fight again before taking over that gym.

Collecting your Poke-Coins

Once you have your Pokémons out for protecting gyms, it is then time for you to collect your poke-coins! Go to Shop. In upper-right side you’ll see one icon which looks similar to shield. Click it & the game will ask if you want to use the Defender Bonus due to Pokémons in gyms. Confirm it & you’ll be given some 10 Poke-Coins & 500 stardust for every Pokemon you’ve assigned for some gym.

Defender Bonus also has some cool down time period of about 21 hours or so, hence you’ll be able to collect your bonus coins only once in the time span.

If it looks like too much to do, you may assign single Pokemon for a gym for one day & still have the bonus. Poke-coins surely will pile up for you. Moreover, the excess star-dust will surely help your Pokemon to gain CP and level in combat, so they might prove to better defenders for your very own gym.

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