Making Extra Cash By Creating Pet Portraits Using The Art Of Collage

Creating pet portraits for animal lovers is one big business nowadays, you can be painter illustrator or anything associated with the pet portraits by using the art of collage as people spend 70 billion dollars approx. on their pets yearly and the estimated household that has pets in it is 65% in the UK, which gives a clear picture that it is a growing business in which people can invest in. One can take it as a part-time job or as a freelancer and once you get a hang of it then you can want to take it further then you can do it full time as your main business.

Money Making With Art

People love showing off their pets and their beauty and by using collage to make portraits, give a very abstract and raw look to it. Nowadays, people often design their pet’s portraits by using the same or different miniature pictures of their pets and making a big portrait out of it. After the advent of social media promotion of such business and finding a customer is no difficult, they will show off their pets in social media which would, in turn, promote your work.

When the question comes how much will pet portraits in the uk cost, it depends upon the scale you are operating at and the skills you possess, if it’s just a digital collage with some editing then it might fetch 100$ to 200$, whereas if you are a skilled artist and you drew a collage of that pet with different complexity in it, it might fetch an amount of 3,000$ to 10,000$ per portrait and people are willing to pay such amounts as they have that spending capacity and they will do it out of love and affection.