Mattress Complaints Drop Ratings for Englander

According to, a site dedicated to mattress reviews, Englander mattresses have seen a decline in their recent mattress ratings. Mattress ratings on the site are based on real customer information and compiled by the site owners.

A Good Start

In the beginning, Englander mattress complaints were rather minimal. Englander scored in the mid-range for comfort and quality as well as third for motion transfer qualities. The prognosis looked good when evaluating Englander’s future potential. After some time, however, mattress complaints started to roll in, quickly dropping Englander’s mattress rating.

The drop in ratings intrigued mattress review experts. They wanted to find out how this mattress company could go so quickly from promising to….well, not promising. What they found may surprise you.

Where the Problem Stems From

The experts believe that the problem, initially, had more to do with the mattress salesmen pairing the wrong customer with the wrong mattress. Other issues didn’t seem to develop until later.

The Englander mattress complaints seemed to focus most on the company’s innerspring mattresses but the latex and memory foam mattresses continued to score fairly well. Innerspring mattresses, as a whole, often have sagging problems because the coils tend to wear out and make it uncomfortable to sleep on captains bed. Once they wear down, they cannot seem to return to their original state. This was not the case with the Englander mattress complaints.

Englander’s innerspring mattress complaints seemed to stem more from poor construction quality. In most cases, premature sagging and deep rutting weren’t the issue. Aesthetic qualities, however, were a very different story.

Customers found that the mattresses had problems like corners that wouldn’t match up with the box springs and even nails and glue applied incorrectly to the foundation’s braces. These problems left customers very disappointed in the overall quality of the mattress but they still found it rather comfortable to sleep on.

So is Englander a Bad Company?

There were some complaints about back pain – an issue that points to sagging and rutting – but they were not substantial enough to affect the overall rating of the Englander mattress rating. Instead, Englander mattress complaints seemed to have more to do with the workmanship of the mattress itself. So, when considering comfort, it would seem that Englander isn’t a bad company. If, however, you are discussing quality control, that might be a different story.

What Should You Do?

According to the experts, the best approach is to go for an Englander memory foam or latex mattress. This can help you avoid any potential problems with the innerspring mattresses. If, however, you have your heart set on an innerspring, it is highly suggested that you take the time to find out more at their website with their mattress reviews.