Motorcycle- Complete History and Future!

Motorcycles are nothing but a cycle with a motor that saves the physical energy by substituting them with mechanical energy. This idea almost revolutionized the way people traveled around. This idea has caught the fancy of many people that nowadays people use their motorcycles as status symbols and it has been included in the asset class of property including bike accessories like motorcycle boots and other additional things that you can add to your bike. But a few years ago this was not so. 

Before the First World War, Indians used to manufacture the maximum number of motorcycles in the world, but by the 1920s the American iconic company Harley Davidson become number one and started producing over 20,000 of them a year. And today the mass producers of Japan have overtaken and killed the competition but people who own an HD keep their head held high.

The motorcycle has come off age and traveled a long distance since the 1920s when it was associated with Cafe Racers and The Rockers to annual international rallies where the motorcycles of the past and present and future all get a fair chance to show off their prowess and excite the buyers. These kinds of rallies also generate a lot of money for charity.

But still, the question is what exactly is a motorbike? In simple laymen term, it is a two-wheeled vehicle propelled by a powerful engine. Now a day a motorcycle is used for performing various tasks like rallying, traveling over long distances, making a style statement, racing, city travel and a mode of travel in bad road conditions.

Now more about the manufacture of a motorcycle. The frame or the body is made of steel or aluminum, and the front wheel is held firmly by forks and these forks also hold the disc brakes which are on the front side of the body. The engine is placed in the middle part and it consists of a multi-cylinder gasoline chamber, which provides it with the fuel to keep it running. But with the advancement of technology and the need for a higher comfort for the rider many new additions are added.

A heated handle is the latest addition, which provided comfort to the riders at night and also during the chills of the winter. Newer and better chains and belts are added, which makes the riding experience more pleasurable. To add to it all newer and better seats are also added, thus allowing more cushion to the rider.

Motorcycles give us the speed but with the safety view, a variant was the need of the hour and so a scooter was invented, which had almost all the features of the motorcycle except for the great speeds offered. Another variation is the mini bike, which lacking a gearbox and is small in size and hence is disallowed by many countries.

So this is all about the past and the present of the motorcycle. The future is in your hands, because if you decide to support it and buy one, then make sure to be a good ambassador and treat it with safety because it is the cause of maximum road accidents. Hence it is always advisable to learn it professionally before buying one.