Movie Star Planet Online Game For Kids

Nowadays peoples are surrounded by the technology, which is useful and also harmful in many aspects, mostly children like video games and online gaming, the online gaming is harmful to the children, many of the adult advertisements popup while playing online games which could be harmful to their mindsets and may change their way of thinking, by making them immune to bad habits, so it’s parents responsibility to watch what games their children’s are playing to avoid the problems in the future. They should have to take some important measures for protecting their children’s from deadly bad habits, They can monitor their gaming and online history, Few of the parental control antivirus software’s are available in market as well as on shopping sites by using them parents can get ultimate controlling over the children’s, there are also few parental protection software’s which allows parents to control and give limited access to the online world by blocking the unwanted websites.

What is Movie Star Planet:

All the kids love the movie star’s, The concept of being a movie star by each and every child has been highlighted in the game Called moviestarplanet, Where each and every kid is a movie star , The children’s are very social and love to stay in touch with their friends by gaming,


This game Mainly Aims the children of age from 8 to 15 years with taking safety and secure measures for fun,

There is a free trial of the game available online but in order to get full access of this game children’s must have to pay some amount, however, they must have to be guided by the parents or their adult siblings.

How to Play Movie Star Planet:

There are few steps which have to be followed to start playing a MovieStar Planet game

  • you must have to buy a clothing from a MovieStar Planet Store
  • You have to add friends by inviting them online in the Moviestar planet game
  • Once your request has been accepted you will be leveled up
  • You can modify your Cartoon character by dressing up .
  • You can make movies, art books, and enter the competitions
  • By clicking on my rewards u can achieve rewards
  • Once u get started with rewarding and by collecting coins and points u will become rich
  • You can buy pets such as dogs, boonies, and other cute pets,
  • You can buy clothes ,makeup, and many more animated things
  • Movie star planet contains many chat rooms where u can chat with your friends and show them how much u have earned by playing the game
  • You can also buy star coins in bulk amount


Conclusion On Movie Star Planet:

The Moviestarplanet is one of the easiest and the safest game for the kids under the age of 15 years. By the guidance of the parents, kids can easily able to understand and enjoy the game, kids at such small age can easily able to make friends by using social chat feature present in the game, The game is available on many platforms.

Note: Online Gaming is dangerous its parent’s duty to watch what their children’s are playing and having attention at

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