What You Need To Know Before Watching Gtst Shortie

No one can deny the huge place that soap opera take in our lives and in our hearts. Sometimes when you watch a soap opera you can’t help but see the holes in the story lines and the mistakes of the actors but you can’t really help but continue on watching it even with all the criticism you thought of. But what’s fun about these soap operas are the cliché and yet shocking twists and the controversies they spark up especially with the sensitive audiences. A kind of spin-off that blossomed from the ever famous GTST is GTST Shortie.

GTST Shortie is basically same as the show, although you can watch a lot of the episodes online where you get to see action from characters like Amy, Laura, Aysen, Job, Maxine, Robert and many others. They have even developed an app and a whole Facebook page dedicated to the characters and the revelation in each episode. But, what sparked these controversies? Which of the controversies were the most famous ones? What exactly happened in each one? We’re here to give you answers to the questions that have been plaguing your mind all day.

The Truth of Stefano Sanders’ Paternity

We know what you’re thinking “rewriting of a character’s paternity is so last season, especially with soap operas” well this one contains a very dirty secret which Stefano’s assumed father was never ever meant to find out. For all of you who don’t know, Stefano’s presumed father is Ludo and he has been married to his mother, Sophia, for a long period of time; he had long assumed that his beloved wife and son died in a car explosion many years back. Sometime later it was revealed that Stefano, his son, had indeed survived and was raised all along by an Italian family mob; Stefano and Ludo were indeed reunited a father and son.


A few years later Maximilliaan, Ludo’s father, died and Sophia so happened to show up at the funeral. It was revealed that Sophia was never in the car accident and she also assumed that it was Ludo who was in the accident on that faithful day. Of course Ludo tried his best to reconnect with his long lost ex-wife, in doing so he happened to stumble upon her diary, by that time Sophia had a very fragile mental state. So Ludo started to read her accounts on the diary, to his horror he discovered that Sophia was indeed raped when she was young by his own father, Maximilliaan. Imagine the turmoil he felt when he found out that his beloved son was actually his brother. Sophia entered a mental institution but took her life not long after. Stefano and Ludo needed time to find their place in each other’s lives but they still remained as father and son in each other’s eyes.

Drugs and Jail

A few weeks before Rik de Jong would marry Anita, his true love, he discovered that his son Job smuggled drugs to Singapore. Refusing to let Job be involved, he took his son’s place. Anita and Rik were set on their honeymoon, but Rik’s bag was inspected at the airport and he was taken into custody. Rik was transported into prison with a Dutch cellmate, which told him that he smuggled less but has been there for two years. Anita did everything to get Rik out of prison, but a fire broke out of Rik’s cell and his cellmate was killed. Rik, thinking that he would free Anita of all the burdens, took the identity of his cellmate; Rik was then announced dead.


A devastated Anita tried to move on in her life alongside their baby girl named Rikki. Anita ran into her first love, Mickey, and after some time they decided to get married. On their wedding day, Rik was released and he stopped the wedding. Anita and Rik eventually had a happy ending alongside Rikki and his son Job in New Zealand.

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