Nintendo Will No Longer Produce Nintendo Power Magazine

Recently news and rumors were flying all over the internet, that Nintendo of America was shutting down and ending their Nintendo Power magazine. These rumors were fueled by the fact that, based on a news report, marketing changes were soon happening at Nintendo. Part of the Nintendo marketing department is moving to San Francisco and some of them are moving to New York City. It looks as if this news has turned out to be partially true. Nintendo power magazines are quite popular among the gaming community which is why this is a really big new for the gamers. However, there are several apps and website like xe88 slot that are full of gaming content that is similar to Nintendo power magazines.

Nintendo of America, after almost twenty years, will no longer produce the Nintendo Power magazine. According to the report, Perry Kaplan recently talked with Game Informer magazine and said “that while the company is moving certain folks out of Redmond, Nintendo Power is not shutting down. Instead, the magazine will become a “licensed property” still owned by Nintendo”.

Nintendo Power magazine has been published since the first issue of July/August 1988. It has been one of the most longest running video game magazines in the US. The magazine did not start out as a magazine though. According to Wikipedia, Nintendo Power started as a fan club newsletter called “Nintendo Fun Club News”. After a few years staying in this format, they changed it to the Nintendo Power magazine format. Every member of the Nintendo Fun Club News received the first issue of Nintendo Power for free. 33% of the members subscribed to the new, Nintendo Power magazine.

One of the most famous Nintendo Power giveaways happened in the early 1990’s, when the magazine gave away a free copy of the NES game Dragon Warrior, to anyone who signed up. This was actually a concept thought up by Nintendo to try and save Dragon Warrior.

Dragon Warrior sold successfully in Japan, but when introduced in the United States, sales were low. Nintendo came up with this giveaway to help promote the game and get rid of extra copies they had. This marketing technique worked. The company got thousands of new subscribers and gave away thousands of free Dragon Warrior cartridges.

With the release of the Super Nintendo, Nintendo Power magazine started brand new memorable comics that many fans will remember. The new comic series were based on the new Super Mario World and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past games. After these comics ended, the magazine continued to feature comics such as “Star Fox”, “Super Metroid”, “Blast Corps”, “Pokemon” and “Star Wars Shadows of the Empire”.

According to the report, Perry Kaplan says any confusion regarding the changes coming to Nintendo Power magazine, will be cleared up soon. More detailed information regarding this change are set to be released soon. It will also be revealed who the new owner of Nintendo Power Magazine will be. Gamers will still be able to “play with power”, as Nintendo Power magazine will continue forward.