Now Play Minecraft On Your Smartphone

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games that people play all over the world for a number of reasons. This game allows you to rein over an empire and also allows you to build and create a world that you love. While the game was initially available only on laptops and computers, you can now enjoy Minecraft no matter where you are with the all new pocket edition of the game. However, playing the game as a single player is never much fun. If you are keen on playing the pocket edition version of the game as a multiplayer game then you need to get Minecraft PE Servers to get started. While most people just blindly invest in these pocket servers, it is very important to start your game in the right manner so you can get the best of it.


It all starts from the time you purchase the game which is available in two modes which are Creative and Survival. While Survival world means randomly entering a world that has already been created with limited resources for you to move ahead, creative is for those who love to start things from scratch. Both the games are equally fun, and people have the choice of picking the mode they are most comfortable with.

Once you’ve picked the right mode you would like to play, you can move on to customizing your character. There are a number of customization modes available here for you to create a character that appeals to you most.


There are a few concepts that you should be familiar with before getting into the world of servers.

  • Every server has worlds that you can jump into. The worlds are divided into the survival world, the creative mode world and a third world as well. There is usually a lobby or a central hub and several warp points that allow you to teleport between all the worlds.
  • There are some servers that support only PvE which means ‘Player vs Environment’. This means that if you enter this server you can fight only the monsters and not other players. You should always look for a server that supports PvP which stands for ‘Player vs Player’. This will allow you to fight with other players in the specially designated PvP arenas. The catch with PvP arenas is that if you die in it you will end up losing everything that you have.


  • You should know that spawn means to start. This can be at any set point in the server world or even near a city or town.
  • There are various rules that each server has. There are a number of things that you cannot do and there are things that you can do. If you have joined a family friendly server then you will get a big list of things that you cannot do. If the rules of the servers are not followed there is every chance that you could get banned permanently or temporarily from that particular server.

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