Parenting Tips – Advantages Of Traditional Games Over Your Child

With the advent of technology, most children these days have a habit of sticking to screens all day. This leads to children missing an element in the process of their overall growth and moreover, this is also very harmful to the eyes. Although using smartphones and watching television is not always bad, children don’t know the extent to which they should be staring at the screens and as a result take it to an extreme.

Benefits of traditional games

Traditional games offer so much more than just simple enjoyment. For children, traditional games can also be used as a tool to learn cooperation, management, and improving their creativity. Traditional games can push the boundless imagination of the children to their boundaries and help them develop social skills. In addition, as these games require physical activity, you can be assured that your child is fit for his age. It can be said that traditional games boost the emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development of children and hence, it is very important for your children to go out and break some sweat.

Importance of traditional games in the growth

Games like Coppers and Robbers, Hide and seek, and Dodgeball requires intense physical activity and offer various factors required for children to stay fit and healthy. These traditional games also provide many factors other than improving the overall development of children. These factors include improving their social connections, reminding them of their roots, and increasing their development of the mother tongue.

Doing things in an extreme manner is always risky and hence, children should maintain a balance between playing traditional games and modern games. Doing this will also help your child learn time management and its importance in daily life.

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