Path To Inner Peace: Online Meditation

When you are feeling like all the burden of the world is upon your shoulders, when you feel like giving up, when life twists and turns you in the most unexpected way and you feel like you’ve had enough, when you just want to be happy again, when you are tired of being tired always, you meditate.

First of all, let me clarify that closing your eyes and sitting cross-legged on the floor or on a mat is not meditation. You can close your eyes and do a lot of things like think about the new intern in the office, the profit dip of your share in the market or the newly married couple who’ve shifted next-door or the food your wife’s cooking in the kitchen. All hypothetical situations but you could do that. But, that’s not meditation. So, what is this thing called meditation? It’s basically when you cultivate your body, your mind, your energies and your emotions to a certain level of maturity. It’s a proven science that if you keep your body absolutely still and do nothing, like absolutely nothing, then our mind will be still too. That’s the essence of meditation. Meditation is the act of constant practice and hard work wherein you try to win control over one’s mind. If you don’t know how to keep your body as a slave then it will make you endure all kinds of endless suffering.

In today’s fast-tracked metropolitan life, everybody is busy and have no time whatsoever. The most common sentence in today’s 21st century is “I have no time.” Stress accounts for over 60{c88b1e51d2ffa0c72101b1758a2af08ca7a67d5ca9d783cad00ed0f96ed536e1} of doctor’s visits. There was a data collected by the Harvard medical school students and this clearly stated the reasons for all kinds of stress and tensions in life and they devised an online facility called “Inner Peace Meditation” which is based partly on their work and partly on the age-old mantra meditation which has been practiced for many years now. The Harvard researchers and others did their study and found out that meditation can help you out of cholesterol and also risk of heart diseases etc. Their Inner Peace Meditation helped many to attain peace of mind.

In today’s internet era, everything is found on the internet. From shopping to selling second hand products and from marriage fixing to online marriages (pun intended). So, it would not be a surprise to us even if we find meditation online. is another website solely for meditation purposes only. It stresses how meditation can be an effective stress-buster and has a potential to improve quality of life and decrease health care costs. This website has n-number of online meditation courses and also has a newsletter service wherein you subscribe to receive various articles and essays related to meditation. It also refers to some books on meditation such as “Dagad Trikon”, “Rumi” and “The keys of Wisdom”. The various online workshops available at the website are online meditation courses, Meditation for children, Music Therapy and Self-Realization workshop. The children’s meditation workshop stresses on Sahaja Yoga Meditation which is a creative way to meditate and build bonds of joy with your small children.


The Sahaja Yoga meditation is an online course which is recommended both for adults and children. This online course takes you on a journey of learning the purest form of meditation. All the knowledge and experiences are introduced through videos and audio files. The course is divided into a series of modules. Each module consists of different videos and audio files giving out information about it. The images and sounds are specifically chosen in order to give the candidate a real feeling of inner peace.

Many satisfied candidates have shared their testimonials on the website which are thoroughly verified. It’s a new initiative and it just requires some time off at home. Just sit in your most comfortable spot at home and perform the exercises and listen to the video and audio clips.

This new thing guarantees immediate results and peace of mind. Even if you have little or no experience in online meditation and other stuff, it’s quite simple and there is no need of hesitation. Imagine a delightful mixture of emotions and overflow of insights which each person receives according to his or her desire and need. Meditation is scientifically known to reduce stress and anxiety, improve health in general, strengthen your immune system, improves concentration and focus and also alleviates diseases and illness such as ADHD, insomnia, asthma and many more.


With many things on the internet being a hoax and just fake publicity, one need not worry about such a thing with this as we are not investing any money in it. It’s a free online course with a few videos and audio clips and some good-hearted reading from the knowledge tree. There is no need to look at it with that suspicious little eye.

Although, great people have often told that meditation’s best teacher is you. Thus, it’s up to you if you want to attain inner peace and tranquility. Online free courses provide you with a step by step process guiding you on the path of peace by holding discussions on particular spiritual topics. However, it needs to be cleared in your mind that the meditation society is non-denominational and doesn’t preach any particular faith. It’s completely secular.

Engage yourself in a calming course of online meditation and enjoy life.

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