How TO Pick A Web Hosting Company Based On The Type Of Server Required?

While the requirements of hosting a website or an application vary from one site or app to another, the solutions available also vary widely based on the options they provide. Hosting a site or application on to a server can be a simple or haunting task depending on the level of expertise of the developer.

Types of hosting services

  1. Shared hosting – This is the best choice for an entry-level site or application. The storage space and performance are shared between hundreds to thousands of other users. As it is shared, the cost of this type of server is low compared to other types.
  2. Virtual private servers – This type of server hosting is still shared with many others, but the resources allocated for your website or application are fixed and are not affected based on the load or usage of others sharing the server resources. This best suitable for businesses or individuals looking for flexible performance with lose costs.
  3. Dedicated server hosting – This type of servers is the most expensive among server hosting services and require money to be put in for the maintenance and security as well. But it does have a lot of upsides to it like complete control over the server and its resources. It is best suitable for high traffic users.
  4. Cloud hosting- This is the latest type of hosting service that allows its users to draw unlimited server resources as required without the need to maintain in-house computer resources. These resources are located in various servers and thus downtime can be avoided at all costs.
  5. Managed hosting – This hosting service is similar to dedicated hosting but comes with all the day to day maintenance, management, updating and support that the server needs to function properly.

With a clear understanding of which type of server to use, it becomes easier while picking your web hosting company.