How To Play Better In Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, familiarizing yourself on what characters or Legends that suits your playstyle is very effective. There are a few great initial options for newbies, like Lifeline. Here are more tips on how you can play better in this game.

 Consider the Legends of Your Team

Learn the appropriate variations of skills of the character and adapt your selection of the Legend you chose. You will begin to have an understanding of the concepts of each Legend as you play more of the game. Plan ahead of the game. Try figuring out: if you cover Lifeline’s healing ability with Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection, your Lifeline teammate will help the team better. In addition, it’s better to be quick in getting loots first so your team to have the upper hand. Also, you may encounter some players who use Apex hacks. In that situation, don’t ever hesitate to report them.

Tips in Looting

You will discover the loot rate of a spot by checking underneath the label of that place where you landed. In the actual battlefield, there suits on the loot tier in every region on the map, with a few areas having high-standard equipment which is very handy in the game.  The exceptional gears where you can find are often in the Bunkers. Some are stored in Airbase, and mostly, in the Pit too. But be careful, since all players like you will go loot for the exceptional and best gear too.

Compared to other battle royale games, gears are very important in Apex Legends, particularly your armor. Once you arrive in a location, you must get whatever weapon you can see anything in your view.  You need to act quickly; don’t think over errors. Your hearing and sight must be good, or else you will get bested by other players.