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Pokemon is hands-down the most popular franchise to date. Starting in the 1990s, Pokemon short for “pocket monsters” is set in the fictional universe where humans live alongside these creatures. Humans interact with these creatures, some catching and “training” these Pokemon to compete against other such people known as “trainers”. Through the decades, Pokemon has had a huge impact on children and adults alike. The show starts with a twelve-year-old lad who goes by the name Ash, embarking on a journey of his own to become the greatest Pokemon master the world has ever seen. On his journey, Ash makes many friends and collects many Pokemon that support him through thick and thin. MAIN-Pokemon-Go


The Pokemon franchise is jointly owned by three companies namely The Pokemon company, Nintendo, and Gamefreak and Creatures. It was the inception of Satoshi Tajiri and the first Pokemon was released in 1995. The franchise now consists of video games, trading card games, animated television series, manga series, comic books, and toys. The Pokemon franchise is immensely popular and is second to only Nintendo’s Mario franchise. The Pokemon USA Inc. is a separate subsidiary of the Japan’s Pokemon co. and it takes care of all the licensing matters outside Asia. As of now, the media franchise has amassed a mighty 42.6 Billion USD in revenues. The company celebrated its twentieth anniversary this year and has announced the launch of new games titled Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 3DS and also Pokemon GO, and augmented reality game for the smartphone to be released later this year.maxresdefault


The concept behind the game was largely inspired from Tajiri’s insect-collecting hobby in his childhood. A pair of games titled “Red” and “Yellow” were first released for the GameBoy color and were an instant success. After that, several games were released in succession for different platforms, establishing a series. In the game, players assumed a role of a trainer and they had two motives. To collect all the Pokemon and fill their “Pokedex” – a device which provides information about the Pokemon, and to build a strong team of Pokemon to battle other “trainers” to finally beat the Pokemon league and be crowned the Pokemon master. All of the games including trading card games follow similar themes.

The player has to journey through a Pokemon region, in his quest to catch Pokemon and to build a strong team. The player has to battle other NPC trainers. The player then has to challenge “Gyms” and beat the eighth extremely strong “Gym leaders” to earn what is called a gym badge. After collecting all, the player is then eligible to take on the prestigious Pokemon league. Before he does so, each game has a storyline and usually has antagonists that have some heinous plans. The player has to sidetrack from his quest to foil their plans.

After beating all gyms, the player participates in the Pokemon league to challenge for extremely talented trainers known as the “Elite four”. After beating them, he comes face-to-face with the champion who has previously beat the Elite four; if he manages to beat the champion, he is then the strongest trainer in the whole region.

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality game for android and iOS. The game uses the phone’s GPS and clock to show Pokemon in real-time. This game is very different from the ones played on Nintendo’s hand-held consoles since the players have to actually go out and seek the Pokemon out.

The game plays on the players’ nostalgia and is the reason for its huge success. Niantic, the developer allows players to buy items like poke balls and incense in-game so the fun is non-stop. The game has lived up to its hype and the craze is unabated since its release.

Cheats and tricks:

Here are some pokémon go cheats and tricks to get you started. Many websites are offering reliable cheats to ease your progress in the game. The freebies include:

  1. Unlimited poke balls
  2. Unlimited coins
  3. Unlimited incense
  4. No country restriction
  5. Auto updates.

You just have to fill the required information in their online generator and you are good to go.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Don’t collect the same Pokemon. Exchange them instead for candy which will help in evolving your Pokemon
  • Use curve balls to gain more experience
  • During a gym battle, always dodge first
  • Keep your Pokemon go app open at all times even if you are not walking to reduce the hatching time of an egg.

Go catch ‘em all!

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