Pros And Cons Of Having A Corner Shower

Designing your bathroom can be tricky, especially when dealing with a small space. Sometimes, you may not have enough room to add everything in, worrying about your toilet, sink, and shower is enough! That’s why you can try to maximize your bathroom space as much as possible with a corner shower. Similar to a walk-in shower, a corner shower is one that is by the corner and takes up as little space as possible, making your bathroom look spacious and with room to add in the other necessities.

A popular design that makes your bathroom look more modern and minimalistic, many people and home builders have opted to add in corner showers to create more room for other items and to make it look less cramped at the same time. A corner shower’s a good choice if you would like to make your bathroom look spacious, or if you are dealing with a small area. But that being said, you will have to be knowledgeable with the different types of corner showers to choose from, as there are more than just one design. You must also know the advantages and disadvantages a corner shower can do for your bathroom and hygienic lifestyle.


Here are the corner shower’s pros and cons:


  1. Made of glass or acrylic, you have a modern and minimalistic design that would look great on any bathroom. It would also be easier to design the whole concept with such a simple shower.
  2. Like mentioned, it saves up on space so there is no need to worry about it taking up too much of the bathroom area.
  3. Since it’s small, it makes it easier to clean. If you choose a frame less glass, it would even be more easier to clean without having to maintain the metal and prevent it from rusting due to the humidity and moisture when bathing. And because it only takes up the corner, there are lesser areas you will need to dry or clean, and if choosing a frame less door, there will be no hinges or nooks and crannies that need to be brushed.
  4. You have a lot of choices when choosing a corner shower. Purchasing off-the-shelf will still have you with a lot of designs, and having one custom made gives you unlimited choices to make.



  1. It can be dangerous, as it’s slippery. You may end up in an accident if you are not careful.
  2. An open shower will mean moisture seeping into the whole bathroom, making it humid and less ambiance or relaxing atmosphere once you step out of the shower.
  3. Depending on what you get, it can be expensive. Corner showers that are custom designed and require installation is a big dip in investment, so it’s something you should know to budget before taking the project on.
  4. If you choose to renovate or redo the shower, it will be hard to do so as you can only shape it the way it was designed, or spend a lot on redoing your whole bathroom again.

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