How to Remove Defamation Online

You may be someone who posted some personal information online, and later regretted it. Or perhaps you are the victim of a blog author who wanted to get revenge for some reason or another. Maybe you are on the receiving end of a bad business transaction, and the other party posted your name on a consumer reporting website.

Online reputation management is actually an industry that specialized in reverse-seo. I am actually one of the original reputation management professionals. Then after a short period of time, many copy-cat seos started adding bad press removal to their service list. The good thing to know is that I am about to provide you with the information that we know…for FREE!

Social networking is vital

When you want to get the bad press off of the first page of search engines, the first thing you need to do is create an entire “brand” for your name. Social networks are a great way to do this. They allow you to network and build a large amount of links to your social profile (and website). In addition, social networks have a lot of clout in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN/ They tend to rank very high for personal names as well as company names.

Your social networking list should include but be limited to:

* Facebook

* MySpace

* LinkedIn

* Digg

* Delicious

* Diigo

* LiveJournal

* flickr

* Technorati

Remember that this is a short list. There are a good number of popular social networks that you need to join and participation in.

Blogging creates content

If you blog, you add lots of fresh content that gets indexed by search engines. Blogs actually help more than you can imagine. If you setup a WordPress blog on your own domain with your name in it, and blog daily, you can get some top 10 rankings for that domain. In addition, you can integrate social networks into your blog with free plugins.

A good thing about blogging is that other websites tend to use content from blogs. Your content gets syndicated and used by scrapers which link back to your blog. Those websites can rank very well for your name which helps push down the bad website using your name.

Stop the press!

Or add to it… Press releases are a great resource. Free press release websites rank on the 1st page fairly easily. You can realize 3 or 4 top 10 spots by using press release websites alone. Their content tends to get picked up by other websites. This can add to the top 10 rankings if those websites have decent PageRank and traffic.

Experts prevail!

On top of press releases, free article publishing websites also rank high on search engines such as Google. If you have a decent ability to write articles, you can do some damage in the serps. Your expert articles can be reused by webmasters looking for fresh content. Article sites require publishers of reusable content to link back to the original author or the authors profile on the free article website.

Keep your head up…

I know it is tough seeing your name being used in a negative way. If you work hard to get positive text content out there, the end result will be success. Don’t let your initial lack of results disappoint and depress you. These are proven solutions to the problem of negative press.

To sum up, just follow the above tips and you will find that you have cleared up the defamation case slapped on you and take care not to post things that might hurt the sentiments of others which will only prove fateful to you as a tampa website seo slapped a $1 million case on a reputed blogger.