RuneScape: Constitution and Life Points System Guide

On March 3rd, 2010, Jagex Ltd. made an update to the popular MMORPG RuneScape, involving the hitpoints system, and making many important changes. This article is a guide to the new system, called Constitution and Life Points.

The Changes

To start off, the Hitpoints skill has been renamed to a new skill called “Constitution.” The way the skill is trained, however, has not been changed. One major difference is that you now have an amount of hitpoints equal to 10 times your Constitution level, rather than having an amount equal to your level. In addition, “hitpoints” has been renamed to “life points.” The changes can be done through the 먹튀사이 websites. The skills of the person will be improved through the site.


However, this does not mean it will be much harder to kill an opponent. All damage done will be 10 times what you would have done on the old system, and the amount each type of food heals is now 10 times what they used to heal. In addition, under the new system, life point restore rates have increased by ten times, as they have a smaller value than what they used to. Prayers such as smite have also been changed to accommodate the change. Finally, experience rates have also been decreased based on the update; you now only get 0.4 experience per damage rather than 4 experience per damage.

You may ask, if everything has been increased by a factor of 10, what’s the point of this update? We’ll get to that in the next section.

The Advantages

Under the new system, damage done would be more accurate than prior to the update. For example, under the old system, if a hit was calculated as a 14.8, the decimals would be truncated and the damage done would be rounded down to only dealing 14 damage. However, the new system accommodates what used to be decimals so you will hit fractionally higher than what you used to hit. For instance, you would be hitting a 148 under the new life points system in contrast to a scaled 140 in the old system.

By redoing the old Hitpoints skill, Jagex has opened a door to new development for the Constitution skill. Now, life points are not connected to the Constitution skill and are separate. For example, if you are damaged health, your current Constitution level is not changed. As such, the Constitution skill could be boosted or drained to change the value of your maximum life points, opening a door to new value in training the Constitution skill and possibly introducing new features.

Finally, the new update may be more “friendly” to new players. They would experience hitting 0s less often, and be less endangered. New players under the old system only started with 10 life points, which meant that they could easily be killed as the minimum damage was 1, which is equivalent to 10 under the new system. However, under the new system, damage amounts from 1-9 are possible.

The Disadvantages

The new update would leave many players confused. With another digit added to the life points amount, it would be harder to calculate when to eat food, etc, when fighting. In addition, the hit splats that are dealt take up much more space than before, lowering one’s ability to see how much damage is dealt and other information such as armor one’s opponent is wearing. For example, the dragon claws’ special attack deals 4 hits in the space of 1, which may be difficult to read under the new system.