How To Spot A Genuine Jewelry Store

Buying jewelry isn’t as easy as it seems when there are a number of fake jewelry stores everywhere. It’s difficult to spot them considering they look legit and they do show you cuts of their diamonds and other jewelry designs. But what you won’t know is that they might not be true diamonds or their jewelry isn’t worth much and they might be charging you for more.

To help, we have a list of tips on how to spot genuine jewelry stores. This can help put your mind at rest and you’ll be able to shop for couples bracelets, rings, necklaces and the like without getting robbed off your money for it.

Watch Out For Big Discounts

You might be enticed to enter a jewelry shop with a poster outside that says they’re offering big discounts. Genuine jewelry stores offer fair pricing everywhere. If they do offer discounts, it’s best to double check why they’re having one and why they’re slashing off such a huge price.

Look For A Certification

Upon entering jewelry stores, check around and look if they have any certification whether they’re really who they say they are. For instance, in the Americas, jewelers are provided with a certificate from Jewelers of America. This is one sign to note that they are in fact genuine and are not here to scam you off your money.

Ask Around

Ask around the neighborhood, or your friends and family whether they’ve heard of the jewelry shop you’re interested in. They might have a bad reputation you’re not aware yet and it’s best to check for reviews. Online jewelry shops may be a bit tricky but if they’ve been around for a while, the internet will most likely have reviews for you to read.

A beautiful gold ring or bracelet is worth a lot. So before you buy them off of jewelry stores, be sure to check them out first.