Testing Your Electric Shaver Before Buying

Before buying an electric shaver, you should first analyse it and see if it passes the elektrorasierer test and then make your final decision. No matter which brand of electric shaver you use and the amount of money you are willing to spend. If your shaver does not pass the electric shaver test, then the shaver is not worth the money or the time. Here are some questions that you need to look at regarding electric shavers before you buy one:


  • Battery life: Most shavers available today are cordless. However, if you have to keep charging your shaver ever so often and the battery life is quite short, it loses its purpose. Always check the number of five-minute shaves that a razor will provide. If it falls at 9 or greater, then your battery life is good.
  • Comfort and Closeness: When testing for the comfort and closeness of the shave, a test is conducted with the shaver being tested for 72 times. This helps narrow down the ones that leave a scratch and the ones that give you a clean cut shave.
  • Ease of Use: Most men tend to use the razor on a daily basis. As such, it is best if the razor can be cleaned easily too. A razor than is simple to rinse under running water, vibrates less and fits in the hand comfortable is preferred over one that is bulky and difficult to clean. It is also preferred if the razor does not have a loud noise while in use.


  • Durability: Even if you spend hundreds of dollars on buying the razor, if it falls and breaks, it is just money down the drain. Hence durability of the shaver plays an important role in buing it. To test durability, the shaver is flicked a thousand times to ensure that it works well despite the many flicks.
  • Is it for you? No matter how good a razor is according to its review online and how expensive it is, it all comes down to the quality of shave that it provides and its comfort on your skin.

When you buy your electric shaver, see if your choice falls well inside these tests and choose the shaver that you wish to buy. Buying an electric shaver will change the way you shave, everyday. So, make the right decision after proper research.

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