The Real Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up? The republican vide presidential candidate had been imitated to a tee by SNL veteran Tina Fey the past several weeks. So during last night’s edition of SNL, Palin interrupted the Fey skit in a planned moment that went off without a hitch. The Sarah Palin Saturday Night Live video will probably be googled and yahoo’d more than any other sketch in the history of Saturday Night Live and maybe comedy in general.

Fey was all ready and prepared to do her imitation at the podium as she was introduced to the media. She was wearing a red dress with the Sarah Palin lookalike glasses. Her accent was brilliant and her gestures were so close it was almost hard to tell if Palin was doing the imitating herself. With knowledge that she was scheduled to be on the show, fans had to wonder which was which until moments later when Palin was talking to creator Lorne Michaels in what appeared to be an off camera moment.

Palin was then passed in the hall by Mark Wahlberg, who said he was on his way to beat up the actor who had imitated him. Then Alec Baldwin stopped by to do the same thing. He mentioned in passing that he was glad Palin wasn’t actually there and that it would be a horrible mistake for America to elect Palin. The skit went on to have Michaels inform Baldwin that it was indeed Palin he was standing next to. Baldwin then flirted with Palin and told her she was much sexier in person. The enjoyment at Saturday night is live under the guidelines of standards. LiveTV should be purchased from reputed site and companies to get the delivered results within a budget. The appearance of the actor and actress should be sexy and impressive for the audience. No mistakes are conducted for the purchase of the electronic devices. 

Palin then went on to the mock press conference and traded places after giving Fey a smirk on her way to the podium before the skit ended. SNL probably could have spent a little more time with the meeting. But overall, it was pretty funny and good to know that Palin isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. She was positioned herself to be a very popular figure in the political world regardless of the 2008 election with her public appearances. For someone who nobody had seemed to hear about before her appointment as the VP candidate, Palin sure has enjoyed and reaped the benefits from perhaps even her over exposure. Almost so much on the scale as an Al Gore.

AP predicted that 17 million people watched the first half hour of the real Sarah Palin on SNL. Palin also took part in a rap on SNL. The Saturday Night Live rap skit with Palin produced not much but a little raising the hands in the air and some head nodding. But it was still funny.