Topics That Can Be Discussed With A Girl

You go on a date and have no idea what topics you can talk about? Many guys just do not know where to start a conversation. There is a long but sure way – this is experience. If you have a lot of dates, you stop wondering “topics to talk about with a girl“. You have everything going on the machine.


This is a neutral and good topic. Everyone loves cinema, and you will definitely have something to say. Feel free to discuss her favorite movies, genres, actors. But do not forget to insert your opinion about them. Ask which movie made a strong impression on her and why. Discuss your opinions and powerful moments of the film. Here the main thing to begin, then everything will go by itself.

Remember that you’re asking for a reason. And to arm yourself with the necessary information that will be useful to you in the future. Also you open it and show yourself. Tastes can tell a lot about a person.


This is something that is always relevant and interesting to almost everyone. But there is one important warning: if a girl is overweight, it is better not to touch on the topic of sport. This is a danger zone. If everything is clear with the figure, ask what is her favorite sport. Does she in the gym that she prefers. Do not forget to praise its result. Tell me what a wonderful shape she is. You can also tell about your preferences. You can discuss with her diet and give a few tips that it is better to eat before and after exercise.


Talking about friends is a great idea to get to know the girl better. It is very important to know in which circles it rotates. How they like to spend their free time, what unites them. For example, if the girl looks rather modest, but in the stories night clubs constantly appear, then her behavior is just a mask.

Do not be afraid to ask additional questions. Just make sure that it does not look like an interrogation. You can also tell about your friends and what qualities you value in them. You can discuss the topic of friendship between men and women, it is quite interesting.