Tour De France’s Official Website

Tour de France has just started, so are you ready to witness your favorite riders go through the intense paths? With very steep mountains, rough terrain, and extreme weather conditions, these riders are going to have the time of their lives as they try to cycle way through the finish line! Whether you’re new to the event or practically a follower of it for years, you’ll get to watch it in real time without having to go all the way to France through the Tour de France live stream. You’ll be able to find it online on the official website of tour de France.

Tour de France’s website

Tour de France’s new website for their latest race now looks better with new modifications and designs. It’s a yellow theme that’s designed as the prestigious yellow jersey, where you are able to live stream the whole event on their website alone. Not only that, but it has also got a few awesome features as well, such as:

Le Tour de France 2015 - Stage Five

  1. Information

You’ll be able to find all the information your need regarding tour de France. You’ll learn more about their history and how it came to be. You’ll also get to see how the race works and how to join! Here are other things you’ll get to learn more about:

– You’ll get to learn about the different teams joining this year, as well as the basic information of the players.

– You will be able to see the whole map of the race and the locations they will be passing through.

– You get to be updated with all the news and details of what’s happening, as well as the times and awards each cyclist achieves

  1. Media

There are many photos and videos posted on the website if you missed the first few hours of the race. You’ll be able to check it out, as well as the old videos from previous races.

  1. Merchandise

Yes, you’ll be able to purchase shirts and other customized items that are all about tour de France! If you or a family member is an avid fan, you can order the official merchandise online!


In Conclusion

You’ll get to find everything in tour de France’s website, from the latest news to information regarding the cyclists! So whether you’re new or an avid follower, you’ll be able to stay informed and learn more about what’s happening online. No need to wait for hours for another piece of news or photos, because you will now be able to find out first in real time through the tour de France live stream. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website and start watching the race now! It has started yesterday and will end on July 24, 2016. But while it’s already started, it’s never too late to begin streaming now. If you missed the first leg of the race, you can easily learn about it through their latest news and photos. They even have videos posted where you can see everything that panned out as well. Enjoy the whole race and watch it now!

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