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They say that technology makes people lazy. Excessive using smartphones, computers and other gadgets make people less sociable and physically active. While this claim may be true in some cases. We also have to look at the brighter and positive side of technology. Today, there are myriad of apps that people use in their daily physical fitness activities. The main function of these apps is to allow users to be motivated and keep track of their improvement. Hence, to get to know more about these apps, this article will provide you some of the best free workout apps available.


Certainly, one of the most effective ways to be physically fit is through running. Running has myriad of benefits and it will be easier to perform through the app Runkeeper. From the name of the app itself, it provides a simple way to establish routine and stick to it by tracking your progress.


Another great app to help you become physically fit is strava. Just like Runkeeper, it also allows you to keep track of your running progress but Strave focuses more on cycling. It also plots your workouts on a map and it includes necessary information like speed, elevation and comparisons.


Fitbod is quite different from strava and runkeeper as it doesn’t only focus on running or cycling. It entails strength training, bodybuilding, weight lifting and body sculpting. The main fuction of this app is to create customized workouts that focus more on muscle groups.

Finess point

Just like playing DominoQQ, using the app Fitness Point is very easy to use. Just like Fitbod, this app focuses on the development of your muscles. This app has a great graphics as it contains animation, description and other infographics making it better and engaging to use.