What Are The Types Of Power Of Attorney – Caregiver Tips

The power of attorney might be one of the most complicated and difficult scenarios that can exist. If you have been inquiring about this issue then here are a few things that you must consider.  Power of attorney is not the same always and depending on your situation the judge decides which type of power of attorney should be given to you. Here are a few things that you must know if you are wondering about the different types of power of attorney.

  • A durable power of attorney is the most complicated one in the list

Here the parent who is given the durable power of attorney is given full authority and can decide what should be done in this situation. It is effective as soon as the concerned individual loses their capabilities to take control. It lasts until the death of the principal concerned in the case.

  • A non-durable power of attorney

This can be done when the power of attorney is given only for a very short duration say for a week or day or even for a single transaction. But this can be revoked with the death of the principle.

  • The medical power of attorney

This is the legal authority to take any decision during a medical emergency. The concert of the physician is not absolutely necessary to take such a decision. So even if it might appear simple, the medical attorney is a complicated thing.

  • Special or limited power of attorney

This is the simplest thing out there and has been out there for a significant time. You just choose the cases that you want to hand over to the attorney and everything happens in accordance with that.

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