Vodafone Sim Only Is The Great Package Of Deals

Vodafone has emerged as second largest mobile network in India after airtel. It started in India in 1994 and within a decade its achievements are really commendable. It earned customers’ trust with top quality services of its network. Customer could say Vodafone sim only because of its great internet speed of 2G, 3G and now the super speed 4G. For businesses that wants to grow and get success, Vodafone sim only is the network to provide support in the matter of infrastructure and technology. The network bring better voice quality to communicate to the people who are helpful in business like the suppliers. They ensure that you don’t loose any opportunity. They provide great features in limited prices.

Wireless services

  • It provide security through the GPRS to all the mobile users.
  • Faster mobilisation of money.
  • Vodafone provides MPLS services to the FMCG companies for distributing the good to the rural areas. The MPLS is the Multiprotocol Label Switching. It is a type of data-carrying technique for telecommunication networks that directs data from one node to the other.
  • With this service of Vodafone the FMCG companies were really impressed because the Vodafone provided with great network connectivity.



  • The Vodafone sim makes sure that all the transaction is secured and even the online usage is secured.
  • It started with Vodafone security system and make sure that your PC is protected and also gives the backup option to all the files and enables the system to share those files with the people you want to.
  • You can make payments as per the usage and no need to worry about the updates; the vodafone takes care of it.
  • The Vodafone location tracker is also one of the great security feature.
  • Remote assets management to reduce the frauds.

Why Vodafone sim only

  • Special sim

These special sims have a life span of 10 years these are called as M2M sim. They are available in two forms the normal plastic and embedded, and the other is one which allows you to choose the best which suits your business.

  • Machine to Machine transaction

The machine to machine transaction could be used after logging to the authorized user in the organisation. This provides an overview to the organisation entire M2M transaction. The assets behaviour and capabilities could be identified with this programme. An overview of the entire thing could be kept who are related to the M2M transaction.


  • Automotive and Telematics Solutions

This is great feature which gives a technical feeling to the owners. The car can self-rectify the problems – prevent the vehicles from theft and help in the recovery of the stolen one.  Its great features does not end here; it also has the feature of reducing accidents and the possible delays etc. Now they offer the new value added services of car-entertainment.

  • Smart metering

The smart metering helps to reduce the carbon emission and helps in protection of the environment. This is one of the great features taken by Vodafone. It provides energy bill on actual cost not on the estimates cost. This smart metering has helped them to fulfill the corporate social responsibility.


It can be concluded that people who say Vodafone sim only to be purchased are totally right on their path because of the services offered by Vodafone. They keep on adding new plans depending on the customers need to keep them happy and try to maintain its position in the market.

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