Watch out for some of the best e-sports events

All the gaming enthusiasts always keep on looking for opportunities which can get them explore the different possibilities of the game. They love exploring about the different game event that is held in different parts of the world, so that they can also be an active part of it. Different web platforms like esports junkie, will give all the relevant information about several latest updates and game events which are going to take place. 1947067-envyvy

Talking of some special events which are to be taken place!

There are special counterstrike global offensive events which are going to be held in the coming dates of the year. Let us explore some of the points, related to the same as follows,

  • From 24th to 27th, the event of counter strike global offensive, i.e. Dream hack is taking place, which will be upholding a price amount of ten thousand dollars. The entire gaming enthusiast who are crazy about the game, are a part of this gaming event, which will be completing againt6s each other for the winning price.
  • Another huge title CS: GO event is the league, which is known to be one of most [popular and largest coveted title in the world of gaming history. It is known to be host a winning amount of 1,100,000 dollars, in which different teams from all across the globe will be competing against each other.
  • The coveted title of WESG 2016which stand for World’s Electronic Sports Games is one of the biggest gaming events which is held every year in the city of Shanghai. Team from different regions of Africa, North and South America will be competing against each other. This fantastic event of 2016 is known to organize a price amount of 3.7 million dollars, which adds a huge sense of excitement and competitiveness against each other.47255_01_esl-proud-announce-cs-go-tournament-watched-event

So, if you to know more about the different csgo events, which are going to be held, you can simply explore the different online gaming news portals like, e-sports junkie, and make it an active part of your life. Doing this will give you detail about all the recent held about CS: GO which are going to be held in the upcoming doming days. You can also get a complete schedule of the different events which are going to be held in different parts of the world.

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