Web Design: an introduction

As the word describes, web design is all about designing a website. It includes taking care of both the aesthetic and technical aspects of designing it. Some of the areas covered in the process of designing a website are – become-successful-web-designer

  1. Web graphic design
  2. User experience design
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. Authoring
  5. Interface design

Though the term design sound like referring to the visual appearance of a site but web designing actually is much more than only how a website looks. It is also about how it functions and thus, includes elements like ergonomics, how useful a site is, the traditions of a layout and habits of the users of the web site.

Basic visual elements of web design:002_web-designer

The visual elements used in the designing are similar to those used in any form of designing since their basic purpose is to enhance the appearance of a website. They are-

  1. Graphics- Even a child will tell you how the right graphics can make any website look interesting. These generally include the use of photos, icons, logos that should be placed appropriately in a site. They should neither be too big as they can make a website slow and neither too small so that they lose their significance.
  2. Fonts- Choosing the right kind of font for the right kind of text is extremely important. For instance, using a ‘Comic  sans  ms’  for an official letter is a blunder. The designers should remember to consider ‘web safe fonts’ and try and not trespass the limitations.
  3. Color- Half the story of a product or a service is narrated by the color scheme used in the web site. The colors used in the web designing say a lot about the personality of the brand or an organization.
  4. Layout- The layout of a website is the manner in which the text, photos, advertisements and graphics are arranged in it. A good layout is one which is user friendly and thus, enables the user of the website to gather information out of it in the least time.
  5. Content- ‘Content is king’ and rightly so. The main aim of using a website is to gather content only. So it must be ensured that quality content of the right length with the appropriate keywords is used.

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