Windows 10 – The Latest Technology

Windows 10 was possibly one of the most awaited Windows update Microsoft has released in a long time. Although the update just released, over 14 million users are said to have already installed it. This was within just 24 hours of the launch. Like all new updates, the latest technology of Windows too has a few bugs that might need some immediate attention. Many tech-geeks have spoken positive things about Windows 10 through their technology blog. It looks like the update hit the target with its launch, but if Microsoft wants Windows 10 to stay popular then they might want to check for the errors that users are facing and rectify them soon.


Customer Satisfaction

The number of people installing Windows 10 just keeps increasing and although most users are happy with the installation, here’s what users need to watch out for. Firstly, Windows 10 is different from its previous versions, which means users might take a while to get used to it. It could get frustrating too for people who were comfortable with the older versions.

Minor Bugs

The other main issue with Windows 10 is the user’s privacy. While the app might not act like a spy, it looks like Microsoft is all out to collect user data. The settings for this update come as default and it does take a while to figure out how to change them. Overall, the update is great and once the minor bugs are sorted out, Windows 10 looks like a great operating system for users to work on. We sure hope Microsoft stays in the game with this launch and does its best to keep Windows 10 running smoothly.

Installation Process

Like all technology updates, Microsoft has out a lot of thought into the tweaks for Windows 10. They have obviously changed the interface along with a very interactive user experience. When Windows 10 first runs on your computer, you feel like a person is speaking to you through your screen. The installation is very simple and each step is explained. Therefore, you do not have to be technically knowledgeable to be able to install this. Microsoft has also gone a step ahead and created something called technology blog to help with installation of Windows 10. This speaks a lot about Microsoft’s commitment to their customers. Microsoft has also taken care of treating each of its customers with special care. Personalized emails and notifications went out to all users, which made it easy for everyone to get the latest version of Windows without having to search for the installation file.


First Experience

As mentioned, the first interaction with Windows 10 is very human-like and interactive. Keeping in mind the need to be ahead of the game, Microsoft also varied the colors for different users, which gave a feeling of personalization. When you see the user interface for the first time, you are a bit lost. The interface has changed a lot. However, after a couple of minutes of browsing, everything was found easily. Microsoft could have added pop-ups introducing first-time users to various sections of the interface. They could have even made a tutorial. The initial phase of browsing is not easy, however once you are past that; you can enjoy the most enhanced version of Microsoft Windows yet.

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