Winners Never Quit – Soccer

Sports are an integral part of our life. They teach us numerous lessons of life, like: discipline, team spirit, time management, value of rules etc.  They teach us how to tackle the end-moment  pressure and take on life as it comes our way. They even teach us to keep fighting till the very end.

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Sports relieve us from the life of monotonous routine. Apart from providing relaxation, they reveal what life is in reality; comprising of hardships, mistakes , failures and ruined efforts. But it also has the success element in it which is discovered after great and hard efforts and perseverance. Sports can be outdoor as well as indoor. Outdoor ones focus more on the physical well being of the person, teaching us healthy competition and instilling within us sportsmanship.


These days the youth is enthralled by the UEFA EURO CUP’16 . COPA AMERICA CUP’16  is also on the go. Oh ! Alas! Brazil has been defeated by Peru by 2-1. You must have come across this statement from many youngsters who are a hard core fan of Brazil. While on the same place, the violent fight between England and Russia supporters is disheartening. All this is part and parcel of this grand game “FOOTBALL”, one of the most popular sports in the world.

Football is basically the sport which comprises of Association football, Australian football, Rugby& Gaelic football within it. It is a wide term, the common name by which the world knows the game involving “foot & ball”. The game ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL is what is known as SOCCER.

Soccer also has similar rules and regulations. It is played between two teams on a big sports ground.  The teams have to score goals of the opponent team by throwing the ball into the opponent’s net. Only foot, head and chest are used to hit the ball in football whereas in soccer no use of heads is allowed. This is the major difference and the most noticeable one between the two games. Use of hands and arms is strictly prohibited. The field is of 100 yards. It has the biggest ground in terms of area.

The history of soccer can be traced back to more than two thousand years to countries like China, Greece, Russia and Central America. Initially it was played for fun and frolic, with no or very limited rules. People used to play it in their leisure time. As the scope and audience of game expanded, new rules were formed and implemented. This game is presently managed by the FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE de FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION ( FIFA ).

Presently, soccer or football as we can call in common language , has become the most popular sport all around the world and is played in maximum countries including, Spain, Brazil, Germany, India, England Russia, Poland, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, France , and the list can go on. Not only at international level, it has gained popularity in the small scale as well that is in the schools, amongst the school children. Even the small kids today love to play football.


Such popularity of soccer gave it the title of “ THE BEAUTIFUL GAME”. It even deserves it. People not only love playing it, they are tempted to watch it as well. Millions of football fans turn up on the ground as an exciting audience to watch their favorite players scoring goals and growing as an individual. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is the easy access to the game. You just need a soccer ball, which is not so expensive.  It has crossed the number of audience that come to watch this game than the ones who go for Olympics. The main reason behind it is the thrill one gets to watch players playing in front of them. live skor are enjoyed to a very much extent .

FIFA ha the authority to manage the sport to its best to avoid any fixing and misbehaviors.  Some of the most popular players in the world are , Pele, David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez, Mueller, Hulk, Kaka, Wayne Rooney etc.  Pele is the best footballer of all times. Ronaldo is the richest player among all the sportspeople.

Soccer has beautifully evolved as  a world- class sport . It is not only a sport rather a union which combines the countries into one nation. It connects the fans with their players. It has turned into a celebration; celebration of joy, success, died attempts, records, goals and ultimately, celebration of life.

It has instilled within us the thrill and excitement for life which the basis of LIVING SOUL.

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