Worried whether the sterling silver jewelry you are buying is prone to rust?

Investing in jewelry is something that requires a lot of thought. This is because this is an investment you make for life and one that can help you in financially bad times. Therefore before buying it, you make sure whether it is pure and maintainable! Well, to begin with, no jewelry is 100 % pure because to give the jewelry a specific shape and design, the jewelers are compelled to mix in as little impurities. By impurities, I mean other metals that hold on to the form of the jewelry.

In addition to becoming the strength of their jewelry, these metals are also responsible for getting the jewelry rusted or corrode. It happens due to the reaction of the extra metal with various external agents like air, water or chemical products. But when you are buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry, you can let go of the worry because sterling silver jewelry is non-reactive!

The proper answer to the question does sterling silver rusts is nope!

This is a cool type of jewelry that does not react with the external factors, let it be air or water. The only condition applied here is you rub off the chemical that touched the jewelry as soon as possible to keep the jewelry good. Air won’t harm your sterling silver jewelry and neither would the pure water. The chlorinated water might!

This doesn’t mean you need to take off your jewelry every time you wash your hands with soap or getting sweaty.

Although, if you treat the jewelry real bad, like throwing it off anywhere or getting is washed along with clothes (which I believe no rational mind would!); it can get damaged. Other than this, you are good to go and live long term with your silver jewelry.