WWII Snipers: Their Importance In Winning The War

World war II brought out some of the best skill and bravery out of just ordinary men and women. They have shown this in many ranges of expertise and in some cases, even heroism. Some of those people became snipers. A sniper is a specialized soldier trained to shoot a target from great distances. Most snipers are highly accomplished and also need to be familiar with mathematics. To gauge distances, sometimes a sniper is accompanied by a scouter who has a rifle, but carries binoculars with him to help his/her sharpshooter to hit the target. Snipers weren’t randomly chosen from draftees, they were almost always hand picked because; great accuracy was needed with a rifle. From another perspective, snipers were sometimes regarded as the most detested infantry unit. They would not kill whom ever they chose, but certain people that their commanding officers would tell them, such as commanders or people manning heavy weapons. A sniper was usually equipped with telescopic sights to have a closer view of the enemy. The sniper revolution of WWII began when highly skilled Soviet marksmen would halt almost an entire army from continuing on (examples would be The Battle of Stalingrad), and spread fear through an opposing camp. One of the most famous snipers in all time named Simo Häyhä or, “White Death” caused major problems for Soviets. The Finnish marksman was such a problem for the Soviet army, that they even tried shelling his position with artillery fire. The only significant amount of damage they caused to Simo was shredding his coat off with shrapnel. Even in extreme conditions, snipers were known to get the job done.

Facts and Statistics:

  • Simo Häyhä prefered using iron sights (no scope) when shooting.
  • Simo had a kill count of 542
  • Some snipers didn’t wear scented soap so that they wouldn’t be discovered by the enemy
  • For the first time, women were deployed as snipers in the Soviet Union
  • Germans used the K98K, the Soviets and Finns used the Mosin-Nagant, the British used the Lee Enfield and the U.S.A. used the Springfield


Infantry on both sides of the war varied in skill and ability, but no other army personnel could match the experience of a trained sniper. They inflicted numerous casualties to the enemy and were honored for their duty. Without snipers, Stalingrad might have fallen into German’s circulation and special operations would hardly exist. It is clear to say that, the sniper was a necessity in WWII and will always be, in conflicts to come. The prices should be compared for availability of Pokemon go accounts for sale. Online sites will provide proper information to the players about the reasonable rates for purchasing and playing of games.