Are We There Yet? Please Let’s Be There Already

The movie “Are We There Yet?” is one that may make viewers say “Is it Over Yet?” The movie stars Ice Cube as Nick- a playa and Nia Long- like Suzanne. Suzanne is a divorced woman with two children who are played by Aleisha Allen as Lindsay and Philip Bolden as Kevin. This is one of those movies that you watch on Netflix and feel like what are you doing with your paid subscription. This is why you can watch movies on netflix that are much better and much more entertaining than this movie. Although, if you like the movie you can read about its plot here as well. 

It starts out with Nick spotting Suzanne across the street where he starts to instantly like her. The moment he sees her two children, he walks off the other way. That night he spots her on the road in the rain with car trouble. Nick decides to help her out and from there he keeps driving her around.

Out of nowhere, Suzanne is being taken to the airport where apparently she needs to travel somewhere. If it was mentioned why she was being brought to the airport, it must’ve been announced quickly. What baffles many is why the children couldn’t just get a flight with their mother and avoid the constant issues that happen throughout the movie.

Since Nick wants to date their mother- he offers to take the kids on a flight to Canada where they are going to meet their mother. To start things off they end up having problems getting on the plane, then problems with a train. To make matters worse, the movie ends up ruining a nice Lincoln Navigator.

Nick is constantly being battered by these malicious kids but the children lose their mean streak when they see their father with another woman happily playing with a newborn. What’s odd about the scene is that the children who hoped on a train by themselves to go see their father didn’t have an umbrella with them. In the scene somehow Kevin has managed to have one to shield himself and his sister from the rain.

Out of nowhere Nick comes into the shot and takes the kids away to eat at a restaurant. While most of the time a scene like this may bring tears, it may leave the viewer a little content that the children finally see that someone has moved on without them in the picture anymore.

The movie just keeps on going when they end up in the woods and cross paths with a deer. The scene starts out sweet with Nick helping Kevin feed the adorable deer a cookie but it’s ruined when Lindsay takes a flash picture. The flash ends up scaring the deer and creates a ridiculous fighting scene between Nick and the animal. Unfortunately, this possible heartfelt moment of the movie was wrecked by the ending of it.

This movie contains the usual overdone gags of farting, puking, and bathroom humor. Sadly the ending is one that just leaves you unsatisfied and for some perhaps a bit annoyed after all the viewer has consumed. A sequel isn’t suggested for this movie for several reasons. Throughout the movie, it felt like chucks were missing to explain why several things had happened. If you’ve ever wanted children, you may change your mind after watching this movie!